About the Nexus

The Nexus News delivers the latest news and information on Entertainment, Movies, Music, Video Games, Science and Technology. There are mainly three writers that publish news on a daily basis, they are:

Marvin R., owner and creator of of “The Nexus News”.

Jackie R., Editor-in-Chief of “The Nexus News”.  Jackie usually posts about Video Games, Music and Technology.

Reza R., the Editor of “The Nexus News”. As a Student in field of Architecture, Reza tends to make posts that are relatively connected to design, both in Technology and Science categories.

Tyler C., one of the Authors of “The Nexus News”.

“TheNexusNews” is called “Nexus” because we are a networks of connected people around the globe. The content is primarily written by the 3 people mentioned above, while the rest of the team finds and gathers info.

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