Amy Winehouse Third Studio Album to be released this year

July 28, 2011Jackie R.

There is a huge chance that Amy Winehouse third studio album be released sometime this year, considering that the singer had made a lot of new material that was left unreleased.

Based on what a spokesman from “Island Records” (from mother company Universal Music Group), Amy has at least a dozen of new songs intended for a new album and that have never been released.

It has been said that since “Back to Black” on 2006, Amy has been recording new material on-and-off and over the years this has accumulated into a ton of new songs.

It seems that after the incidents that happened during that time, she decided that it would be a great idea to go into the studio, since it made her feel positive and refreshed.

According to the Island Records spokesman, people were really excited over these songs, and after hearing them himself, he thinks that they are really good.

Supposedly the new album was to hit the shelves on January 2011, but after a few incidents she had to endure the released was pushed back. Hopefully there is now news that the album would be released sometime during September or November. But the date it is still to be confirmed.

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