Avatar 2 Finished – Avatar 3 Filming Starts November

September 24, 2011Jackie R.

Avatar 2 Movie

The news has been confirmed, apparently Avatar 2 has finished filming, and they are now moving to begin filming Avatar 3. The release date for Avatar 2 is set to 2014, and the reason for that is because of its huge Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) effects.

There is a big chance that Avatar 3 will be released soon after the second film has hit the theaters, perhaps no more than a year or two. (unlike the five year current gap).

James Cameron has declared several times in the past that the story for the trilogy was already done, they were only waiting to see if the movie will be a success or not.

This news was leaked by an inside assistant that is currently working with the crew for the upcoming sequels.

Avatar Filming

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