Avatar 4 Under Development – Avatar 3 Finished Filming

July 2, 2012Jackie R.

Avatar 4

According to insider information (Avatar’s Cinematographer) Avatar 4 is in the works. Filming is going to take place sometime this year. This has come as a surprise to many since Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 have not yet been released, and now there is news of a fourth sequel.

However it should be noted that very similar to Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 situation, when they finished filming Avatar 2, they decided and use the set, the people, the resources at hand and film the third movie, since in the long run it would be much cheaper instead of coordinating all of them again for a third movie shot. Another important note is that Avatar is a heavy Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) franchise and its heavily dependent on animations and computer generated environment, hence why most of the time in making the movie will be spent on creating those environments with the aid of visual effects.

Avatar Filming

Avatar 2 finished filming back in September 2011, and the filming for the third movie started around the same month, now it seems that the filming for the third movie has finished and in order to save resources they are filming for a fourth sequel. This means that they will spend the rest of the time applying and enhancing the CGI effects.

A release date has not been announced for Avatar 2, but it is expected and estimated to come around December 2013 since currently has a post production status and is undergoing heavy editing and enhancing. Avatar 3 is predicted for a 2015 or a 2016 depending on the atmospheric situation with the second movie. i.e. hiring a bigger team to finish the CGI job faster.

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