Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link DLC Video Walkthrough #2

October 12, 2011Jackie R.

Deus Ex Human Evolution Missing Link DLC

The second Walkthrough is finally released, this is the final one before “The Missing Link” DLC is finally released later this month (October).

The second video shows that there is much much more to the DLC than the first ship ride, it seems after being captured by bell-tower you find that you are docked into a super secret bell tower hide out. In which you later discover is a prison.

This new DLC also introduces new alarm system which are the “Laser Typhoons” in which if the player interacts with the lasers they will release the Typhoon mines (same ones the Adam himself has installed on his Augmentations, and you can activate it if you put praxis points in it).

The video itself tries to showcase most game play styles available, such as stealth, hacking and aggressive maneuver. Quite an interesting presentation, you can see the video here:

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