Digital Extremes Makes a New Warframe Based on Community Feedback

March 9, 2013Jackie R.

Warframe Sarin

Recently Digital Extremes announced the new Update 7, which will include 2 new Warframes. One of which has been revealed to be Saryn – a poison based Warframe. Interestingly enough, this concept was made entirely based on user feedback. A month ago (early February 2012) the community came up with a concept of a toxic/poison based Warframe that they named IVY. The concept was entirely fan based, and they even made concept arts shown below which is very similar to the final model.

This act demonstrated how much Digital Extremes cares about fan opinion, and how far are they willing to go in order to make a better game. No other company has gone as far as add and delete main components of the game base on fan reviews – simply because they deem it as risky, but Digital Extremes has emphasized that Warframe is a game entirely based on fan feedback and the coming updates are based on what the fans suggest and want to see in the game.

On the left is the art work the fans made for Saryn (IVY), on the right its the actual model Digital Extremes made for warframe.

Saryn - Warframe - TheNexusNews

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