Dragon Age Legends Available for Free Download

June 19, 2012Jackie R.

Dragon Age Legend Free

It was absolutely devastating for EA to win the title of “Worse Company in America” and receive the fabled “Golden Poo” Award. Ever since then, EA is trying to redeem itself by releasing small freebies here and there. It all started with Mass Effect 3 free Multiplayer DLCs, then it hit Star Wars: The Old Republic with the announcement of free-to-play until a certain character level and now it has reached Dragon Age Legends – A game that EA took down from facebook because according to them “it was not producing enough revenue to support itself”. So logically if the game was no longer to be accessible, it might as well be released to the public for free, since no more servers are going to be maintained for it.

The game is 166 MB and it requires Adobe Air, here is a detailed instruction on how to download the game:

Instructions for installing the game:

1. This game requires Adobe Air to run. Please download and install Air from http://get.adobe.com/air/ if you do not already have it installed.
2. Download the game to your computer.
3. Double-click the file to install Dragon Age Legends. It will install into your program folder under BioWare.

Online Characters

If you have played the online version of Dragon Age Legends on either Facebook or Google+, you will soon be able to download your character as a Saved Game and continue playing in the single-player game. We are gathering all the data now and it will be available within a few days. Check back soon for instructions on how to download your character from the online game!

Has EA finally learned it’s lesson and become a righteous new company? unlikely! But while they are still in trance of low sales charts and decreasing subscription figures, then we might as well enjoy the ride till it lasts.

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