Facebook days are over? Google+ the next Big thing!

July 12, 2011Jackie R.

Facebook vs Google+

Google+ the next big thing?


It seems that every day the number of users for Google+ is increasing and people are more akin to using Google+ than Facebook. Here are some probably reasons:

Google+ has a whole new concept of targeted grouping called Google+ Circles, in this way you can manage and sort your friends much easier than Facebook, using the new Html5 Drag and Drop technology. Also you can share what you want with certain group of people just as easy.

Google+ Hangout allows you to chat with up to 10 people, whoever speaks will automatically get the focus. Unlike Facebook it supports all OS’s including Linux.

Google+ Huddle is a text to chat application for android mobiles, it also supports iOS. Group chat is possible with any number of friends. Gtalk is also available for chatting for those that use desktop browsers.

Google+ location, with only one click you can share your location with your friends, that is not possible in Facebook or at least not as flexible.

Google owns Picasa, a very well known image sharing website, hence there is better image sharing service with Google+ than there is with Facebook.

Some say that Google+ doesn’t have things like Games and the “Ask a Question” feature. But we must consider this is just a beginning, in only a few months Google+ has surpassed Facebook in almost every aspect, and it keeps growing every single day, so I say . . . wait for it, everything will come soon enough. This is just the beginning.

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