Facebook “Video Chat” feature

July 6, 2011Jackie R.

Facebook Video Chat

Facebook adds Skype video chat feature


On Wednesday facebook announced that a video calling feature will be added to the social network by skype.

Skype being one of the most well known internet video chat programs, has decided to join hands with Facebook and make it even more engaging in people’s lives than before.

You will see this feature added on top of every Facebook profile as a call button. By clicking that button users will be able to have web chats. As Philip Su Said at the Press conference Wednesday, “The worlds easies one-click way” to chat over video.

Why would Facebook go so far to add this feature? Well, the answer is simple, at the moment in deepest backgrounds of internet trends, Google and Facebook are in deep competition, and this action comes shortly after Google launches its social network that has video chatting program is already enabled, so Facebook (feeling left out) adds the similar feature to stay in the competition.

This Facebook feature lacks group chats which is supported by Google’s “Hangouts” video call system, but this will be a feature that probably is going to be added sometime in the future in Facebook as Facebook does not have the attitude of giving up so easily on something like this.

Whether this move will be successful or not, is yet to be seen. The current number of members using Facebook is 750 Million users. Which increases the chance of Facebook success over this matter since Facebook is not dependent on email domains, but in fact creates a unity among those using different email-service-providers and reduces unwanted complications.

But there is also another point of view saying: “Does Facebook users really want to have such feature?” whether this statement is making a point or not will be seen before this month ends.

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