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July 24, 2012Reza R.

g-speak Computing


The Los Angeles-based Oblong Industries just demonstrated it’s new software that defines a new category in interacting with computers. This new software is called g-speak and Oblong calls it a Spatial Operating Environment.

The g-speak SOE (spatial operating environment) is Oblong’s radically new platform. The SOE made its public debut in the film Minority Report, whose bellwether interface one of Oblong’s founders designed. But its full history extends backward to three decades of research at the MIT Media Lab. The g-speak SOE implements the biggest advance in human-machine interface in twenty-five years. It also introduces

  • a new model for multi-process cooperation
  • a real-world geometry engine for gestural input and multi-display output
  • an athletic new network layer for data translation, encapsulation, and transport

… and a host of other crucial innovations.



Here is a video, demonstrating the new software:

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

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