Google bought Motorola

August 16, 2011Reza R.

Google Bought Motorola

Google has recently taken it’s first step in world of hardwares by paying 12.5 billion US dollars to buy Motorola company. Google, known for it’s unique online products and services had already started it’s direct effect on cellphones and gadgets by releasing Android operating system long ago. On the other hand Motorola company is been producing cellphones for many years and one of it’s latest products is a tablet called Xoom which is considered as the only danger and threat to ipad 2.

Google has already proved it’s ability to be the best and it seems that they are planning to be the best in every computer and gadget related fields. There is no doubt that Google is the best in field of Online products and there are only some companies that are better than Google, only in some small categories. Such as Facebook and Twitter which are more popular than Orkut and Google Buzz or Wikipedia that doesn’t have any competitor from Google.

Google, already has it’s plans to be the best on those categories as well. An example of it is their new social networking website, called Googl+ which is considered as Facebook’s main competitor.

The question is why does Google need to buy Motorola company?

As it was mentioned above, Google has some plans to be more effective in other fields rather than online fields. Google became Apple’s main competitor for cellphone Operating systems by releasing Android. Right now by buying Motorola, Google is starting a serious game with other companies, specially with Apple, since Motorola is Apple’s main competitor in Tablet design. By buying Motorola, Google is going to do with Apple, what it did to Hotmail and Yahoo.

What’s next?

If Google wins the game, it definitely won’t stop and everyone should probably be waiting for news like this: “Google bought adobe company”.

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