Google+ Games to launch sometime in August

July 30, 2011Jackie R.

If you haven’t join Google+ yet, then you should know that it popularity is up to the roof now. The interface is designed to be more user friendly than Facebook. The new Social Network has gained over Tens of Millions of users in the past four weeks, and its growing more every day.

But there was a problem, people complained that Google+ did not had the ability to create Business Pages, or distinguish specific public figures (i.e. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc . . . ), or that has any occasional games to play with when people are bored. But that is all about to change.

After Google+ interview with Lady Gaga, and attempts to identify Public Figures, Google is now planing to making High Quality games for Google+, supposedly a group of Game Developers have brain stormed and decided to create a perfect set of games for Goole+, games that will most likely surpass Facebook’s games.

Although there is not much news regarding that matter, the developers have announced that there will be a release sometime during the month of August. Hopefully by then we will have more information regarding that matter.

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