Google New Image Search Kills Traffic World Wide

February 3, 2013Jackie R.

Recently Google redesigned their Image Search system, which helps images to load much faster. However the way this is achieved is that Google will only show the image itself and not the site. In the previous version of the image search the image was shows to the user while the site itself was being loaded in the background. Although users generally ignored or did not see the website itself, the website did consider them as a visitor.

Google New Image Search Reduce Traffic

With the implementation of this new system not only the traffic is affected but the revenues are affected as well. Since many websites use a CPM (cost per mile) system to earn money, meaning that every view charged the advertiser, even though in most cases the advertisement was not seen. This is bad news for many website/weblog owners that were heavily depending on image search results. Some have reported to loose as much as 80% of their traffic.

However users and even advertisers are very happy about this change. The users no longer have to see the page load with the ads, which can in some cases cause problems if the site did contain malicious codes. The advertisers no longer have to pay for visits that in reality didn’t happen.

This particular change also affected many of the traffic generation methods – and simply nullified them. Some consider this a good healthy change for the internet. Those that are against it, are mainly upset do to the fact that it hit them unexpectedly. Hopefully everyone will eventually learn to adapt, since for now the new system is here stay.

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