Hackers Created Trainer to Combat EA on Dead Space 3 Microtransactions

February 7, 2013Jackie R.

Dead Space 3  Trainers

Dead Space 3 is released and it includes unnecessary microtransactions – a method EA uses to increase revenue from a conceptually single player game with co-op elements. The some of the microtransactions are basically cheats being sold under the guise of DLCs. Many such as John Bane (TotalBiscuit) went so far as calling such methods unethical in nature.

However many hackers simply released trainers that provides the same benefits provided by the 5 dollar DLCs. For policy reasons we do not provide the names nor links, however the cheats themselves provide unlimited resources among some other benefits to the game. Some other group actually provided a cheat that doubled the amount gathered by resource gathering bot, which is exactly what the DLC provided.

Dead Space 3 Microtransactions DLC

Since this is a single player game – cheating is not illegal, and hence what is provided by the hackers is not considered strictly illegal. However the downside to all the cheats are that they only work for PC versions and not the console versions – since you do need to install and run a separate application (trainer) to enable these cheats.

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