Hackers Targeted FunnyJunk for Mocking Steve Jobs Passing

October 8, 2011Jackie R.

Funny Junk Hacked

Earlier today a site named FunnyJunk (an Image Board) was targeted by hackers, because allegedly its Admin had encouraged the users to make fun of Steve Jobs tragic death. The following image is what was posted:

Funny  Junk Admin Steve Jobs

To many this was considered extremely disrespectful hence why some decided to attack the site, although of the many attacks very few succeeded, most caused the site to be extremely slow, or to give “Error Messages” seen often when server overloads.

At the moment there is no news who hacked the site, no one has taken blame, or claimed that he has made the attempts. Updates regarding this matter will come soon.

Update: a hacker with the screen name “FiFtHeLeMeNt” has taken responsibility for the attack. Based on some Facebook posts Apple fans admire him for the heroic deed.

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