Katy Perry Divorced Because of Rihanna?

January 25, 2012Jackie R.

Katy Perry - Russell Brand Divorce

This was perhaps the most predictable divorce news that was expected since the day they got married. Although the divorce is not official as of yet, it is considered to be in motion.

Many of Katy Perry fans hated Russell Brand, saying things like: “Russell is too ugly for someone as beautiful as Katy“, and they were “Baffled why the marriage is taking too long“. One guess is the personality of Brandon, and his vivid sense of humor, but it seems that it wasn’t enough.

Russell once did a practical joke on Katy on December 2010 by posting a picture of her without any make-up. That is self could have been grounds for a divorce, since celebrities use their appearance as tools of service, and distributing an image that will cause disruption of that service can be damaging to the celebrities appearance. But that proved to be not the case, although it might have been a deciding factor.

Katy Perry No Make Up

Another important and major factor could be Rihanna, since the early 2011, Katy and Rihanna became best buddies, and some even claimed it went further. But one thing is for sure: Rihanna thought Katy to be more fearless, independent and strong individual. This new personality might have influenced Katy to get tired of Russell’s personality and leave her to see the truth about him. That she has nothing in common with him.

Rihanna and Katy Perry Kissing

All and all, the fans wish Katy a speedy recovery and hope that she can finally find a man with qualities similar to hers. Hopefully Katy was not pregnant and no real harm came from their relationship.

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