Katy Perry – Wide Awake Music Video Symbolism and Meaning

June 21, 2012Jackie R.

Katy Perry Wide Awake Meaning

Katy Perry released her final single for the album “Teenage Dream” and the song is full of hidden messages that are masterfully embedded into the music video and the lyrics.

The music video and the song itself exhibit the meaning of freedom and being free. The music video unfolds the path that Katy takes while reaching that freedom. The word Cloud9 is used frequently in the lyrics, and the meaning is a happiness that is temporary and doesn’t last. This temporary happiness is refereed to as money and fame. Her inner child emerges and immune her against the evil’s hypnosis seen in 3:18 – the cat with the swirly eyes – and evil’s seduction at 3:28 – the prince crossing his fingers (meaning he is lying). After freeing herself from evil, her inner child gives her a butterfly – a symbol of freedom.

Katy Perry Wide Awake Punch Prince

Some have symbolized the Prince and the Hypnotic cat to Russell Brand for divorcing her. The whole video can also be interpreted in an aspect of growing up and waking up from the dream of that happy marriage that was but lies!

See the music video here:

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