No Reaction to Death of an Influential Scientist

October 15, 2011Reza R.

Dennis Ritchie passed away

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, One of the most important faces of all time just passed away on 8th of October. He was the one who developed “C” language and “Multics” and “Multics” operating systems. He was awarded many times for his great and honorable innovations and developments on computer science.

3 days before him, Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple Inc, passed away. Steve Jobs and his innovations helped Apple Inc to become a powerful company and helped himself to become one of the richest persons of century.His death made a great wave among so many people. A lot of articles were written, many posters were designed and many messages were announced on his passing. Famous faces such as Obama-US president- declared their sadness on this event. Even some websites were hacked to honor Steve Jobs memory!

Steve Jobs Passed Away


Although his death was an unfortunate event for many people but it won’t have a great effect on science, technology or even Apple Inc, since he retired himself from Apple company and was not working there anymore.

On the other hand Dennis Ritchie was the one who found and made the science which led the technology to what it is right now and his works did not only effect one person, one company, some products or one field of technology, but effected and changed the whole science and technology as we know it. He may not be the father of all science and technology but his achievements made many great things possible, the “C” language is the father of all programming languages, and hence he can take credit for every program created.

Unfortunately, Only few reactions were witnessed on his passing and many are not even aware of that! few articles, no poster, no message from owners of big computer companies and finally no hacking or acknowledging!

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