Pirates vs Paying Customers – it’s everywhere

August 1, 2011Jackie R.

Recently it has been announced that Diablo 3 requires the players to be constantly online if they want to be able to play the game. They claimed that they wanted players to be more “convenient” for online play.

This is mainly to prevent players in cheating with their character stats and items, but the truth is far from that. This is just another way of shoving DRM right up our sleeves, and forcing players to constantly authenticate the game, which is quite frankly just plain annoying.

For those who are new to the term, you should know that DRM (in simple words) means the whole process of authenticating a game via an online server, hence being able to control how many times a game can be installed with the same authentication key. Typically around three to five installs.

Hence why DRM is an Annoying concept to those who mainly struggle with it, and in reality pirates are the ones who are able to skip it.

In the past we had some issues regarding this matter that some great number of users that had actually bought their copy of Assassins Creed 2 for PC had to find a crack in order to avoid the system stopping them from playing if the connection was not stable enough. That is truly an atrocity.

Now lets take a look at a game like “The Witcher 2” that was bold enough to release its game without any DRM what so ever, and yet it had more success than any other games that companies like Ubisoft have sold with their strict DRM rule.

Is Blizzard making a horrible mistake? Yes, Will it actually help him in any way? No.

People have been cracking games since the dawn of game industry, and there is absolutely no protection from them.

When will they realize that DRM only encourages Piracy instead of stopping or preventing it. There is a huge number of players that actually used crack even though they had bought the game, because the DRM was a little too annoying, and quite frankly no one can blame them.

Look at the following figures. You can see how the different (although not entirely true) between a pirate and a paying customer.

DRM in movies is even more ridiculous, see the following image and decide your self.

But in the end, what is the reality behind it? Is DRM truly worth the anger the paying customers are feeling? Just so that maybe and only maybe, this will prevent pirates from using the game illegally?

The answer is no. Piracy will continue weather you use DRM or not, but by implementing stricter DRM you are only introducing piracy to some people that used to be paying customers.

DRM is tired concept that needs to be polished, and that it can be so smooth that the user doesn’t even notice it. That is what DRM should really be.

Hopefully developers will start to understand this point and do what is right for the player and not what is good for their pockets.




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