Samsung Has Finally Overwhelmed Apple

October 30, 2011Reza R.

Android overwhelmed iOS

According to reports, Samsung has just sold 28 million units on the third quarter of this year while Apple has only sold 17 million iPhones.

Samsung overwhelmed Apple on selling smartphones

Aside from that, the number of sold Android units are far more than the sold iOS units.

Android has blasted iOS

It is expected to witness a better situation for Apple on the next quarter, since they have released iPhone 4s, but still Apple will not have any chance to beat Samsung this year since the gap is very large and Samsung has done a better job than Apple, by releasing Galaxy Nexus (comparison). The only strong point of iPhone 4s is Siri, which is no longer important since the android developers have already made it’s android version which functions on every android product and it even functions better on some points!

Although there are some possibilities that Apple could again be the first smartphone seller, but there is almost no chance for Apple to Overtake Google on cellphone operating system. Samsung, HTC and Motorola are having great improvements on design and functionality, and on many points, they are far ahead from Apple (Comparison) and as it can be seen from the chart above, the number of sold Android units are a lot more than Apple’s.

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