Siri Vs Iris

October 26, 2011Reza R.

Siri Vs Iris

Siri and Iris are two digital assistants for smartphones. Siri is only for iPhone 4s and probably the later versions of iPhone and iPad but Iris is for all Android supported products. Siri was developed by Apple’s official developers and was mentioned as an groundbreaking feature of iPhone 4s but Iris was developed by independent Android developers in 8 hours. Considering this, it’s time to compare them with each other:

Siri Iris
Answer Relevance 67% 48%
Detection Accuracy 55% 73%
Development Time 17 months 8 hours
Availability iPhone 4s All Android Devices
Price Only iPhone 4s Free
Prerequisite Non Voice Search,Text To Speech


Although iPhone 4s is an improved version of iPhone 4, it is believed that Siri is iPhone 4s’ only special feature. On the other hand, Iris was not developed by Google or any other well-known company. It is believed that Iris serves as a taunt towards Siri, showing off that building such application is not as complicated as Apple claims it to be.


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