Steve Jobs Passed Away, Apple Era to be Over?

October 7, 2011Jackie R.

Steve Jobs Passed Away

Steve Jobs, father of Apple passes away from his long term illness. But what is the aftermath of such tragedy. What will happen to apple, and will it survive the current strong wave of new competitors?

These are all questions that everyone asks themselves, will Apple truly survive after its latest mistake “iPhone 4S”? Android is becoming more powerful every day, and besides Samsung Galaxy series other have also entered the competition, such as Amazon with Kindle Fire, Nokia with its new N9, and Microsoft is also starting to get into the tablet business so its going to be extremely hard for Apple to overcome all the obstacles, no mistakes are allowed.

Steve Jobs was the brain of Apple, his unique leadership method was what made Apple the number one company in US for mobile and tablet, now with him gone apple does not have the right leadership to battle its way in the current wave of violence.

All eyes are open to see what apple is going to do next, hopefully the new management Tim Cook, is going to (try) be as strong as Steve Jobs, and take Apple to glory again. All that is yet to be seen.

Everything will change very soon, hopefully for the better.

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