June 13, 2012Reza R.


Samsung Plans to launch a social networking website sometime in 2013. Based on reports from The Korea Times the website is going to compete with other social networking websites such as Facebook and Google+. Samsung plans to integrate the website with Amazon’s cloud computing platforms. The website will first be running on Samsung devices and [...]

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November 10, 2011Jackie R.

Rihanna posts her intimate Italian Sailing vacation photos via Facebook. A rare glimpse of the background scene into the life of Rihanna. In most of her pictures she is not wearing any make up, which is considered a very rare sight from celebrities. This is making fans to get even closer to Rihanna. It has [...]

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October 15, 2011Reza R.

Google is competing with Apple more than ever before

After competing with Apple on cellphone Operating systems and buying Motorola to compete with iPad , Google is now going to open an online music store to compete with iTunes. It’s been reported that this online store is going to be connected to “music beta” and is going to be a part of Google’s clouding service, which is going to be a [...]

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September 27, 2011Reza R.

Facebook's privacy threat

  Privacy issues in Facebook have always been a headache, specially when users found out that Facebook doesn’t tell it’s users about all the details. For example when Facebook started to locate it’s users, no one was aware of that until some people found out and tried to tell everyone by asking their friends to repost that [...]

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September 25, 2011Reza R.

facebook changes

Facebook has always been changing it’s design and features since the beginning, and for some unknown reasons users always disagree with these changes. plenty of pages asking things like “change Facebook back” proves this opposition. Now it’s been reported that 86% of Facebook’s users hate the changes and this is a very good reason for [...]

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September 23, 2011Reza R.

A life on Facebook, is a short video clip directed by maxime luère that shows the story of a man’s life through Facebook’s interface.

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September 7, 2011Reza R.

Get off Facebook

The following video was posted on YouTube on 13/12/2010 and is been watched for more than 2 million times so far. In this short video Ross Gardiner invites you to quit Facebook. The main focus is on the fake friendships on Facebook, and the fact that Facebook profiles don’t show the reality about people and show only some parts [...]

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August 16, 2011Reza R.

Google Bought Motorola

Google has recently taken it’s first step in world of hardwares by paying 12.5 billion US dollars to buy Motorola company. Google, known for it’s unique online products and services had already started it’s direct effect on cellphones and gadgets by releasing Android operating system long ago. On the other hand Motorola company is been producing cellphones for many years [...]

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