August 25, 2012Jackie R.

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed

Thor’s new sequel titled “The Dark World” is set release on August 11th, 2013. Details about the movie reveal that the main villain for the movie is going to be the Dark Elves. Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor, so will his love interest Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. Christopher Eccleston will portrait the main [...]

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March 4, 2012Jackie R.

Avengers Poster Trailer

The final released materials for the Avengers are starting to flood in. We have a new poster and a trailer. The poster shows the epic scale of the movie, a battle scene with all major characters in it. The poster however is hated by the fans, sine the scale of the actors is completely off, [...]

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December 17, 2011Jackie R.

A god of thunder from another realm, a green “barely-in-control” giant, a rich genius playboy, and a blast from the past, assemble with a secret law-enforcement agency in charge of protecting earth not only from itself, but from what ever that threatens it. But who are they up against? The lord of mischief Loki, the [...]

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August 28, 2011Jackie R.

Tom Hiddleston talks about his role as Loki, and how his character has developed between the two movies “Thor” and “Avengers” also explains what is his diabolical plan. Watch the video here:

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August 25, 2011Jackie R.

Loki’s final costume revealed to be the classic Green and Gold armor from the comics, the helmet also has the original long horns. The video was released earlier today while someone filmed Loki while on set. The video looks astonishing, and the fans are happy about the final look. Unlike Catwoman’s Costume, Loki’s was very [...]

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