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June 21, 2012Jackie R.

Katy Perry released her final single for the album “Teenage Dream” and the song is full of hidden messages that are masterfully embedded into the music video and the lyrics. The music video and the song itself exhibit the meaning of freedom and being free. The music video unfolds the path that Katy takes while [...]

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January 25, 2012Jackie R.

Katy Perry - Russell Brand Divorce

This was perhaps the most predictable divorce news that was expected since the day they got married. Although the divorce is not official as of yet, it is considered to be in motion. Many of Katy Perry fans hated Russell Brand, saying things like: “Russell is too ugly for someone as beautiful as Katy“, and [...]

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January 24, 2012Jackie R.

Katy Perry Rihanna - Doing New Album Together

Katy Perry has long wanted to do a new album, and now Rihanna is planning to join her to make the best album of the year. Katy is deciding to re-release “Teenage Dream” (her 2010 album) but also adding a few more songs to it, some of which will feature Rihanna. The new album will [...]

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