February 7, 2013Jackie R.

Dead Space 3 Trainers

Dead Space 3 is released and it includes unnecessary microtransactions – a method EA uses to increase revenue from a conceptually single player game with co-op elements. The some of the microtransactions are basically cheats being sold under the guise of DLCs. Many such as John Bane (TotalBiscuit) went so far as calling such methods [...]

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December 28, 2012Jackie R.

Dead Space 3 Swearing System

Dead Space 3 kinetic controls for XBox360 have the feature to know when you swear in the game, however the interesting part is that the game itself will respond to it in a certain way. Steve Papoutsis (excecutive producer of the game) said that certain swear words will activate things in the game, “There are [...]

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