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February 24, 2013Jackie R.

Tomb Raider Pirated

Apparently the Digital Piracy community has effectively captured and cracked the XBox version of Tomb Raider 2013, this ironically follows the theme of the main game as well. Currently only the XBox version has been captured, but it is expected that before the official release date the PS3 edition will also be released. This will [...]

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February 7, 2013Jackie R.

Dead Space 3 Trainers

Dead Space 3 is released and it includes unnecessary microtransactions – a method EA uses to increase revenue from a conceptually single player game with co-op elements. The some of the microtransactions are basically cheats being sold under the guise of DLCs. Many such as John Bane (TotalBiscuit) went so far as calling such methods [...]

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December 28, 2012Jackie R.

Dead Space 3 Swearing System

Dead Space 3 kinetic controls for XBox360 have the feature to know when you swear in the game, however the interesting part is that the game itself will respond to it in a certain way. Steve Papoutsis (excecutive producer of the game) said that certain swear words will activate things in the game, “There are [...]

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November 9, 2012Jackie R.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Patch #2

After the long talk on 2K forums regarding the release of the new Patch, it was now confirmed by 2K that the patch is available on all platforms. The Patch notes where available from last week, for reference they are as following: Major Fixes Abductor roof visibility problems resolved Interception game hang issues resolved If [...]

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