The Avengers New Poster and Trailer

March 4, 2012Jackie R.

Avengers Poster Trailer

The final released materials for the Avengers are starting to flood in. We have a new poster and a trailer. The poster shows the epic scale of the movie, a battle scene with all major characters in it. The poster however is hated by the fans, sine the scale of the actors is completely off, and they all look small and big according to distance (i.e. captain america looks very big, while black widow looks smaller compared to Nick Furry behind him), also none have their official masks/helmets on, most likely an actor contract point to show all their faces on the screen.

However the trailer was very well received, since it has a bigger scale and it shows the grand scheme of the movie. This trailer has been praised by every fan and movie watcher a like, some even anticipate that it will be the best action movie of the year, probably on par with The Dark Knight. As much as they hated the poster, they loved the trailer.

The trailer also reveals a little bit of plot, on the alien invasion started by Loki, and his plan to rule the earth. Also it shows the conflict that there is within the team of the Avengers it self. At one point Ironman, Captain America and Thor fighting in a field (destroyed jungle), and at another instance Black Widow is fighting the hulk. In order to save the world from chaos they first must put order between each other. You can see the trailer here:

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