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December 17, 2011Jackie R.

Creation Kit - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Bethesda

Bethesda releases the Creation kit on February 7th, you can download it via many mediums for free. If you have already purchased a copy of “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” on steam, then you can download the Creation Kit via steam.

Also Bethesda has merged the creation kit with “Steam Workshop” so you can automatically upload your mods there as soon as you make them. You can also download new mods as soon as they are uploaded there.

You may access the Steam Workshop here: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim STEAM Workshop

Steam Workshop - Creation Kit - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Bethesda

On another note, since there are many other sites dedicated to modding The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, such as the great Nexus Network “SkyrimNexus“, modders can also upload it separately on any site they want.

The Creation Kit is what Bethesda used to create “The Elder Scrolls Skyrim” itself, it will give users absolute control over the game and engine, and can even create separate mods, with completely different maps, and even perhaps different gameplay mechanics, it can go as far as new weapons and spells, new character models, new animations, and completely new worlds.

Here is a video from Bethesda regarding the Creationkit:


Creation kit is released. You can download and access both Steam Workshop and Creation Kit on the following link:
Creation Kit and Steam Workshop Skyrim Mods

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