The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Live Action Trailer

October 25, 2011Jackie R.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Live Action Trailer

Bethesda surprises yet again with his new Live Action trailer. In this trailer a village is shown disturbed by rumbling sounds that are concluded to be a dragons call for warning. The village starts to burn down and as people panic while running for their lives the hero figure of Skyrim rises and takes his sword out of his sheathe and prepares for a fight with the Dragon as he lands right in front of him.

Everyday we get closer to Skyrim’s final release date which is 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011), and fans are bursting with excitement all over the world, many have gone as far as pre-ordering the game twice, and it has been predicted to win the title of “Game of the Year” awards, although all that is yet to be seen after the release since Bethesda is famous for having “post-release bugs that are of considerable concern.

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