The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Top 5 Mods and Bugfixes

November 15, 2011Jackie R.

Skyrim Mods and Bug Fixes

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim has been released but as amazing as it is, there are still a lot of bugs and issues that need to fixed. Here is a list of 5 top bug fixes and mods that will make the game a little sweeter:

1. Esbern Voice fix:

This is perhaps the most important bug-fix of all, this is a quest breaking bug that has yet to be fixed for the Patch 1.2. This bug fix will resolve the issu of Esbern not being able to talk.

2. Detailed Faces:

This mod will provide more detailed faces for character creation, it is a must for those who want to have a more accurate and flawless character.

3. Antiallias and sharpen effect:

In short, this mod makes your game prettier without installing tons of new textures.

4. FXAA Post Process Injector:

Enhance your graphics with FXAA and a slew of post processing effects, including bloom, sharpen, technicolor, sepia, tonemap, vignette, and more.

5. Enhanced Night Sky:

It’s a high resolution texture replacement for the night sky taken from real starfield photography.


A skyrim bug-fix for more stable gameplay has also been released recently, you can download it here:
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – More Stable – Bugfix Released

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