The Witcher 2 – Enhanced Version 2.0 Trailers

August 18, 2011Jackie R.

A new enhanced and complete version of Witcher 2 titled “the Version 2.0″ has been announced and its going to be released in late September.

This new version includes a lot of new things added to the game. Some of the most important ones are as follow:

  • Totally new tutorial system that will help players smoothly immerse into the gameplay.
  • A new mode called “The Dark Mode” which includes insane mode but with the ability to save, also with a set of new items called “Dark Items” which are the most powerful weapons and armors in the game.
  • ¬†Another new mode is “The Arena Mode” which is a arcade style mode in which you battle endless waves of enemies and gain experience for every wave you defeat.
  • New Enemy types and npcs are also included making the game more¬†diverse.
  • Includes all previews update + the 9 DLC designed.
  • Totally free, and available via the automatic updater.
Watch the trailer here: (all packed into one video)


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