The Witcher 2 Has Sold Over 2.2 Million Units

January 9, 2013Jackie R.

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Sales 2

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition was first released on May 2012, it was later released on XBox 360 and Mac in 2012. Before the Mac release the estimates were around 1.7 Million copies in total across PC and XBox Platforms. After the release was expanded to Mac the sales had reached nearly 2 Million in total. Now after the steam and GoG (Good old Games) Holiday sales that had a large 75% discount – the sales increased and surpassed 2 Million sales in total, and leave the new estimates somewhere over 2.2 Million copies sold or gifted in total.

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Sales

This huge sale has increased the anticipation for the upcoming sequel The Witcher 3 – which according to rumors it will be released sometime next year (2014).

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is an action RPG developed by Polish studio CD Projekt RED for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and OS X.

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