what happened in these 2 decades

August 7, 2011Reza R.

internet's 20th birthday

internet's 20th birthday


Yesterday(6th of August 2011) the internet turned 20. It means 20 years ago an amazing idea was constructed and tremendously effected billions of people in these 2 decades.

Right now as I’m typing these words, there are a lot of companies which are totally based on internet such as Google and Facebook and millions of people will loose their lives if internet goes off! Let’s roughly check the effect of internet on people:

Internet made a parallel life for it’s users -called as virtual life. This idea made many good and bad opportunities for the users. Many started to use internet in interesting ways. Online databases, medias, Mail systems and so on increased the level of convenient in their users lives. And of course some started to misuse these opportunities such as hackers, spammers and so on.

At a certain point, internet started to be hazardous for people and I believe the point was when real life and virtual life started to not be parallel anymore and started to mix together.For example, people started to tweet their time, instead of enjoying them.Or many thought that Facebook is connecting them with others, but Facebook was just making a virtual connection(and was stealing their private information at the same time).

This mixture made strong negative impacts on people lives and hopelessly it’s still going on. People are getting more addictive to internet, specially those who are away form their home and family. Many started to be less social and switched their social activities from hanging out to posting comments and Finally accepted that “this our new life”!

If this trend doesn’t stop, it will become a great threat for societies and might even loose it’s benefits. We all witnessed the peak and valley of yahoo, Orkut and Myspace and we are witnessing the gradual death of Facebook.What if this happens to internet? What if people decide to leave internet the same way they decided to vanish yahoo 360?

Social threats

Social threats

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