Witcher 2 Patch 3.2 Introduces Official UI MOD

June 18, 2012Jackie R.

Witcher 2 Patch 3.2

Witcher 2 amazes the players yet again by releasing a new feature alongside their new 3.2 Patch. This new feature is mainly a User Interface mod that allows the players to have more control over their inventory and access more information regarding what they have.

However, this patch is PC exclusive, and the Mod can be disable via the DLC Menu. Here is a list of all the new things that are brought to you in the the new 3.2 Patch:

  1. Minimap: Adds a north arrow.
  2. Alchemy: Crafting slots show how many ingredients there are; better default ingredient selection (e.g., not having to filter out quest item ingredients all the time); un-rotates alchemy element symbols; saves custom ingredient selection for a formula (until you close the panel or go to another formula, but no longer resetting every time you create something).
  3. Tooltips: Taller, and scroll faster.
  4. Inventory/Trading/Storage: Sorting buttons (sort by time acquired, name, aggregate weight, aggegrate price.) Reversible sort also possible.
  5. Trading: Places a checkmark next to books, formulas, and crafting diagrams that you already have in your inventory.
  6. Crafting: Shows how many items you have instead of capping the number at how many are required. E.g., 30/3 instead of 3/3.
  7. Other: Sorts some lists alphabetically: crafting, alchemy, elixirs.

Here are some screenshots that show some of these features:

Witcher 2 - Ingrediant and Alchemy

Alchemy shows Ingredient amount

Witcher 2 Sorting Buttons

Inventory sort by time acquired, name, aggregate weight, aggregate price.

This used to be a Mod developed by David Block almost 7 months ago. David has now joined CD Projekt RED and has improved his mod and made it into a DLC which has been released.

You can either automatically download the mod via the game launcher or manually by clicking here:
Witcher 2 Patch 3.2

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