10 Makeup Trends for 2020

Our beauty habits are changing with the changes in time. The way we did our makeup 10 years back versus the makeup we are doing in 2020 is very different, and most probably makes us feel all the feels. Thank goodness for growth, and embarrassing and awkward pictures to prove how far we’ve come.

In this era or period of time, there are new and exciting things to do to our faces. In my point of view, I don’t believe that makeup has ever been about following any kind of rules. It’s about acceptance of experimentation. We can wear that bright lipstick color, try bold liner, wear crystals, and glitter on face and neck when you feel like it.

Here are some 2020 trending make up looks,

1-Glass Skin

The first look that is on-trend is glowing, glass skin, which can be achieved by composing a mixture of moisturizers, cream highlighters, and oils to beam your face up or light your face up. And make sure to only use setting powders in some specific areas on the face so your skin doesn’t look too oily.

2-Feathered, Fluffy Brows

To create feathered brows you can use soap, an old school Hollywood trick than take a precise angled brush with brow pomade and make hairlike strokes through the brow, which really gives the brow a completer, more accurate look. Then, rub the soap brows on it through the brows with a mascara wand for a feathered effect.

3-Floating Eyeliner

Instead of traditional black eyeliner looks, there is a lot of floating liner in bright colors. To create the eyeliner shade you’ve ever wanted to create, all you need is a white eyeliner pencil and a sharp-angled brush, Softly press a bright eye shadow into the shape you create with an eye shadow color of your choice.


Intentional color-blocking with intense shades is another cool way to experiment with color. Whether it’s a combination of a blue eyeshadow with an orange lip or using an exploding green shadow with a pink blush, try having more fun with color.

5-Watercolor Eyes

If you want to create this look, you can use a soft blending brush after that take a pastel pink blush or eyeshadow color and apply onto eyelid and crease of your eyes. Then use the blending brush to create a soft hue of color that wraps around your eyes.

6-Blown-Out Blush

If you are really daring person to try new makeup looks on yourself you must try this look as well for this look you can try popping blush in pinks and corals to make if prominent not just on the apples of the cheeks, but you can also try high on the cheeks and diffusing into the eyeshadow.

7-Fresh Skin and Accent Inner-Corners

A new look is in trending nowadays it’s all about Keep your makeup fresh by focusing on clean skin and a neutral eye. For the purpose of keeping your skin fresh and glossy, prepare your skin with Brightening Booster Drops and followed by Power Play Concealer and after that apply Foundation for a flawless finish. Then, add a bright and popping color to the inner corners of your eyes. Adding color in the tear vessel of your eyes is just enough edge to make your makeup pop.

8-Glitter and Crystals

Now there are more people are getting on board with daring makeup looks from last year. This new look trend means simply pressing consistent glitter over your eyeshadow, or apply it along with your eyeliner, it’s so easy and always magical.

9-Negative Space

Makeup artists and makeup lovers alike are pushing themselves more to create new looks in their free time. There’s only some warm, bronzy textbook glam we can look at daily. In this look Negative space means leaving some part of the eye unpainted, usually, it’s the eyelid with a bold cut crease. But you can try all kinds of shapes, lines, and colors on your eyes. 2020 is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and boundaries and getting creative.

10-Less Powder, More Dew

We are evolving and growing from powder products into some liquid products, which are still good for a few things. If must create your skin to look more beautiful, creamy, dewy.

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