4 Straight Up Facts About Botox That You Should Know


Aging is an inevitable reality that no one can stop nonetheless the signs of ageing can definitely be delayed. There are many cosmetic treatment options available today that act as preventive measures to keep up with our healthy skin.

One of the popular cosmetic treatments for keeping skin youthful and radiant is Botox Montreal or in other locations. It is a type of serum that is injected into a targeted area of your skin. The primary purpose of using Botox is to freeze the muscles of that particular area and prevent wrinkles.

Similar to any cosmetic procedure, before you go for Botox treatment you must be knowledgeable about it. Below we have listed some straight-up facts about this anti-aging treatment that will help you understand the process.

1.    It is a Neurotoxin

The main reason why injecting Botox freezes the muscle is because of the serum which is a neurotoxin. It is a diluted form of botulinum toxin that’s derived from the bacteria named clostridium botulinum. The bacteria essentially produces the toxic that is responsible for causing the freezing muscle effect.

That is why the quantity of this serum injection has to be standardly measured. The slightest increase in amount can cause unflattering results. Now, since the Botox serum involves injecting neurotoxin in diluted form, the effect of it is temporary and instead relaxes the facial muscles instead of causing paralysis.

2.   It doesn’t make your face expressionless

There’s a popular myth surrounding Botox is that taking up this treatment can make your face go expressionless. However, there’s no truth in that. It’s just a stereotypical misconception that is attached to most cosmetic treatments.

Botox doesn’t make your face go completely expressionless. In fact, your face will have a range of emotions and can make facial expressions – laugh, cry, angry. Yes, Botox may restrict some expressions, however, not in an extreme way.

You will feel resistance when raising your eyebrows or smiling big. Other than that, you will find no problem communicating with your expressions. The serum which would be injected shall only freeze up a few muscles and that too moderately.

3.   Under the right circumstances, Botox is an absolutely safe procedure

You don’t have to worry about the Botox procedure as it is an absolutely safe treatment to go for. It is a common cosmetic procedure that has been approved by the FDA. A licensed expert can perform this procedure in the safest way.

Botox procedure is not only opted for treating aging effects on the skin but is also recommended for treating migraine and excessive sweating condition. For its multi-benefits, many people go for the treatment each year.

4.   It won’t completely remove your wrinkles

Here’s the harsh truth that you need to be aware of before taking up Botox treatment that it won’t completely remove your wrinkles. Even though it is an anti-aging treatment, it is certainly not a miracle product.

Yes! It can target your wrinkles and fade its appearance significantly, however, it won’t remove it absolutely. Botox treatment will also prevent the new wrinkles from forming. Also, Botox impacts certain wrinkles and not all the wrinkles of the face.

It is targeted on the facial expression wrinkles rather than other areas.

So, these are some hardcore facts about Botox Montreal or in other locations that you must know about. Keep in mind these facts and ask the expert to confirm them before taking up the procedure.

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