8 simple ways to reduce stress and improve your heart health


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of poor male health and death among males in the United States.  Medical observations have also revealed that chances of a heart stroke increase in males who are already high on stress.

Nutritionists say that simple steps to reduce stress lower the heart- stroke threat.  Adding steps to improve heart health dramatically cuts the threat of cardiovascular diseases.  A male with improved heart health and a stress-free mind improves overall health and productivity. The best part of these simple steps is that they naturally lower the adverse impact of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes, and obesity.

Simple steps to lower stress and enhanced heart health

Health care workers and nutritionists believe that close to 80 % of lifestyle diseases and heart-related problems are preventable. Some proven steps which cover both stress levels and heart health go a long way in improving health.

Incorporate simple exercise in daily schedule

a simple physical activity in the form of daily walking to start with go a long way in improving heart health and stress impact. The greater benefit comes when physical activity is part of your daily life. Start with simple walking; gradually include some skipping or other aerobic exercises. Make sure that exercises are part of your lifestyle. Swimming, cycling, running, or some time on a treadmill will keep the heart healthy and lower lifestyle-related diseases.

Take care of diet

Your chances of keeping a schedule with the daily exercise depend on your health. Poor health will keep you away from the normal schedules which include exercise time. So, to start with, keep yourself away from deep-fried or oily fatty diets. Fatty and oily food increases deposits of a waxy substance in the blood arteries leading to cholesterol formation. It puts pressure on the heart to pump blood in the body when blood vessels are blocked by plaque formation. So a healthy diet keeps the heart-healthy. Include fruits and nuts at breakfast or in healthy snacks. If possible divide the lunch into two smaller parts so that your energy levels remain the same throughout the day. The same step will reduce your need for generic Cialis 60mg, a higher dose for severe cases.

 Maintain a hobby

One of the best and most effective ways to reduce stress is spending some time on a daily basis on your favorite hobby. It could be anything that unwinds you and proves immense satisfaction. It has been proved that the mind more than the rest needs a diversion. So, a hobby takes off huge stress levels. Learn a musical instrument online or cultivate a small terrace garden or listen to podcasts on subjects that give your relaxation.

Yoga session

A regular yoga session for practicing a few yoga poses will cover both aspects of lowering stress and improving heart health. There specific yoga postures for their particular benefits. Start with a sun salutation and incorporate other yoga postures as you progress on a daily basis.  Yoga has proven its benefits in reducing stress levels, improving immunity, keeps blood vessels flexible, and improving blood circulation in the body. It reduces the work a heart has to do to pump blood in the body, thus increasing the efficiency of the heart.

Use herbs at breakfast

Some herbs such as ginseng, ashwagandha, and shilajit, relax tense body parts and have a soothing effect on the mind. The herb like ashwagandha lowers cholesterol levels, improves energy levels, and reduces oxidative stress in the body. Shilajit has shown proven positive results in reducing chronic fatigue syndrome. Herbs are the part of natural remedies to cure erectile issues for which doctors suggest Sildenafil citrate 200mg

 Keep smoking and alcohol consumption at a moderate level

If possible quit smoking and hard-drinking, however, it is within the possible range to keep the habits at moderate levels. Both smoking and alcohol damage blood vessels, which puts pressure on the heart, as it has to work harder to pump the normal blood flow in the body. Smoking leads to plaque in arteries to directly impacts heart function. All your steps to improve heart health and lower stress levels will come to nothing if excess smoking and hard-drinking are also part of your daily life.

 Remember social relations help a man emotionally

Stress with a lonely feeling increases the chance of cardiovascular diseases, as a man tries to find solace in smoking and drinking. Maintain relations with the partner at least. Increase intimacy to get benefits for an active intimate life. 

Maintain intimate life

Never neglect the importance of intimate life as it works at both heart and emotional levels. Moderate physical activity in an intimate session is equal to a light cardio exercise. The body and mind get tremendous relaxation from a highly satisfactory session with the partner.


It is possible to ensure a healthy heart with simple lifestyle intervention. As far as stress levels are concerned, a healthy lifestyle with strong social life and open communication with the partner makes it easy to manage normal daily stress levels without allowing stress to dominate life.

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