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How do Antidepressants treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Depression is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in males. It is increasingly becoming the main cause in younger males and couples. Depression adversely affects the mind and the mind cannot play the vital role that it plays in generating the erection process.

Depression affects the interest of the man in intimacy and leads to loss of libido. The combination of loss of interest and low libido, which is a temporary phenomenon, leads to erectile dysfunction. Since the mind cannot participate in the erection process, it causes erectile dysfunction. Antidepressant drugs decrease depression-induced erectile dysfunction and enable a man to get the normal erection process.

Antidepressant treats depression to remove basic cause of erectile dysfunction

It is fairly common to get depressed over some personal or business issues. Normally, a short term depression may not affect the erection process or mood of the person.  But a constant depression affecting normal life and daily activities can cause havoc with the erection process. When the mind is disturbed, it cannot trigger the blood circulation towards the pelvic area by sending neurotransmitters to the central nervous system. Antidepressant medicines lower the depression case and bring relief from depression induced erectile dysfunction. Without an interest in being intimate with someone, the erection boosting drug Cialis 60 mg online also will not show results. The stimulation is recommended by doctors who prescribe such medicines for an erection. And stimulation comes only when the mind is interested in being intimate and participates in the erection process by triggering the thought of getting intimate.

 However, before using antidepressant drugs without medical consultation, one needs proper medical diagnoses to come to the right conclusion regarding the cause of erectile dysfunction. The medical examination will reveal the medical or physical cause behind the erection problem. When all medical reports are negative, then the doctor recommends the services of the psychologist to understand whether emotional causes are behind erection difficulties. The psychologist takes several tests to understand the exact cause. Antidepressants are prescribed when depression is found to be the exact cause of erection dysfunction.  You should visit a doctor when at least 60 % of your efforts to get an erection to fail.

Antidepressant target neurotransmitters affecting mood

In our brain emotions and information move from one brain cell to another through neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in the brain. When there is some issue with these transmitters, the brain cannot pass the right information or emotions.  When antidepressants are prescribed, they change the function of neurotransmitters. Either more are made available or a slowing down process is started called reuptake, which is a cleanup process.

Once the messages are flowing more as they should, your brain works better and the symptoms related to the slow-down diminish or go away.

Antidepressant drugs regulate neurotransmitters that affect mood. There may be one or more transmitters that a brain sends affecting mood. Drugs by regulating these neurotransmitters ensure that some degree of these is available in the brain to cover up any deficiency that may be causing depression. Now, there are several antidepressant drugs that do not leave side effects and do not cause erectile dysfunction.

When a medical expert prescribes antidepressant drugs to control erectile dysfunction, it is ensured that these drugs do not cause any loss of interest in intimacy. If depression was the only cause behind erection difficulties, then antidepressant drugs are able to bring desired relief to the affected man.

Antidepressant drugs provide long term effect as well

Earlier it was a concern the drugs only relieve symptoms of depression for a shorter period, but now a study in a journal of psychiatric research mentioned that males who had used antidepressant drugs are less likely to be depressed after 8 years than males untreated with the same drugs.

The problem is that males often stop medication midway without medical consultation.  A male even after seeing improvement in depression symptoms should not stop the medicine. The medicines should last a full course. Stick with the schedule that the doctor has prescribed without changing the medicines.

Some antidepressant medicines work in different ways, so, in case of any delayed result, the doctor should be consulted.  And most people on antidepressant drugs stop the medicine at the first sign of improvement in symptoms. It always carries the risk of relapse of depression.

Treatment duration depends on severity of depression

There is no long term adverse effects from relying on antidepressant drugs. The common side effects like sleep disorder and sexual side effects can be tackled by changing the drugs. Not all antidepressant drugs cause sexual side effects like erection difficulties. In case of mild depression, the treatment duration may be less than a few weeks. After recovery from depression, the male may see automatic improvement in the erection process. But in case of difficulty in erection, doctors prescribe Sildenafil citrate 150 mg toovercome any erection difficulty. Antidepressant drugs that do not cause erectile dysfunction.


Antidepressant drugs treat symptoms of depression to cure any erection problem that emerged due to depression only. There are many such drugs that do not cause any side effects to curb erection. The duration of treatment depends on your case and the severity of depression.

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