Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai is always on the tourist list whenever they plan their trip. It has a lot of attractions for tourists. There is a mild balance of old and new in Dubai, resulting in a variety of things to do. You can spend your mornings sit out along Jumeirah Beach and in afternoons you can grating powder at Ski Dubai. Or you can spend your early morning time by bargaining at the traditional Gold and Spice Markets before exercising your credit card at the modern Dubai Mall.

Before doing any of these the first thing is to get to know the city about the city. You must head straight to the top of the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) where you’ll find incredible and mesmerizing views extending into the Persian Gulf. And if you’re fascinated by the tradition, traditional perspective and views, take an abra (water taxi) ride along Dubai Creek.V

Visit Burj Al Arab

It is settled between Jumeirah Beach and the Palm Islands, this magnificent building has impressive architecture enthusiasts since it opened in 1999. It has an arched glass front, it is exhibited after the sails that have graced Dubai’s waterways all these years, accommodations a world-class, über-luxurious hotel located on it. It is a man-made island. It has the tallest atrium in the world at nearly 600 feet high, it is also in one of the tallest hotels in the world. Architecture aside, facilities include rotating beds in some suites.

Dubai Mall

Skirting the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai is every consumer’s paradise. The vast and huge Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world and it has more than 1,300 stores. Even if you aren’t interested in buying anything from the mall, a visit to this huge and massive retail center is a must thing, The Dubai Mall also has so many entertainment facilities, such as an ice arena, a movie theater and several kid-friendly fascinations, including an aquarium that houses thousands of underwater creatures and fishes. If you visiting at night, stop by the Dubai Fountain show outside of the mall. Which is created by the team that designed the Bellagio’s famous dancing fountain. The fountain features at night show set to a mix of western and eastern music with beautiful lights inside of the water.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque towers over the coast from its settlement in the north of the Dubai Marina. The work on its detailed white façade, which beauties the 500-dirham note, impressionists the architectural style of the primitive Fatimid period. Unlike Dubai’s other mosques, non-Muslims are invited inside to wonder at Jumeirah’s decorative architecture, it is also including detailed painted panels against bright blue and yellow backgrounds. If you are planning to enter the mosque then you should come in a modest dress that means long sleeves and long pants or skirts. Women will have to cover their heads with a scarf. If you don’t have a traditional outfit, the mosque also has the facility to provide you with traditional clothing which is necessary for entrance.

Jumeirah Beach

This beach is settled within walking distance from Burj Al Arab. It is perhaps Dubai’s best strip of public sand. People usually come to this lively shoreline for sunbathing in Dubai’s reveling bright rays, there are water sports for sports enthusiasts to take advantage of the calm, turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. The Beach is equipped with a children’s playground area and plenty of barbecue and picnic areas. Jumeirah Beach is neat and clean and white sand make it look more beautiful, the water feels like bath water and doesn’t feel very refreshing on a hot day. There are cafes on the beachside that offer better spots to cool down.

You can reach Jumeirah Beach from Jumeirah Road and it is open from morning 7 a.m. till 11 or 11:30 p.m. at night that is depending on the day or occasion. Access to the beach is free of cost, but you’ll have to spend over a few dirhams to access the park areas. Before you go into the sand, make sure you’re prepared with bottled water and sunscreen. The sun rays are at their strongest during the middle of the day, so maybe you’ll need to seek shade to avoid dehydration or sunstroke.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a vital item on any Dubai agenda. Its height is rising 2,722 feet above from the city that’s a huge 160 stories building, the Burj Khalifa pompously holds the title of “world’s tallest building. But this is not the only title this tower’s got under its belt it also has more titles. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest free-standing structure in the world and a place to the highest outdoor observation surface in the world. You can view gorgeous views of old Dubai and new Dubai from the top floor of it. Visitors ride in the elevator to the 124th floor for breathtaking views of the city that are spreading all the way out to the Persian Gulf. Some special telescopes are placed at this level to show scenes of the city from different points in time, it is letting you experience every stage of Dubai’s history. You can travel to the higher floor on the 148th floor, it is the world’s highest observation level, but it will cost you extra dirhams for it.

Gold and Spice Souks

The Gold Souk, located on Creek’s south bank in Deira Dubai, specializes in style and glamour. It is featuring impressive displays of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from more than 300 retailers, the Dubai Gold Souk is one of the most renowned and famous gold jewelry trading centers in the world. In fact, around 20 percent of the world’s gold passes through this market. But if you’re not one with love for gold, don’t worry. The souk also sells platinum, diamonds, and silver jewelry. You’re also guaranteed to get what you’re paying for. The government securely controls what is sold and by who in the souk they have a record of everything and every person, so there’s not a chance that you may be holding something fake. 

On the other side of the creek the strong Spice Souk is located, where sellers hawk flavors from across the globe, including cinnamon, ginger, and chili. This is also the place to collect saffron from, as you’ll find this delicious spice at a much lower cost here.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

This waterpark is located at the foot of the Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is a combined collection of 30 water rides sports and play areas designed for all group of ages. The whole park is demonstrated after Juha, Juha is a character which is often referenced in Arabian folklore and featured mostly among the park. For the Thrill-seekers and lover, there is a slide that went down to tantrum Alley or the Burj Surj, while for those who are looking for a little more relaxation can glide and float along the lazy river. There are multiple modest slide options, as well as a water park is just for the kids and the Wipeout and Riptide, a virtual surfing ride that is one of the only from the four of its kind in the world.

Ski Dubai

Surreal is one word that can describe Ski Dubai. Even when the city is enclosed in burning triple-digit temperatures, but this huge indoor winter wonderland is never without fresh powder. It is the first Middle East’s indoor ski center, Ski Dubai claims five ski runs, the longest distances is more than 1,300 feet with a 197-foot vertical drop, there is also a freestyle snowboard zone, a chairlift, as well as room for sleigh runs and snowball fights. Inside of Ski Dubai, there’s also the world’s first indoor black run, ski lessons for the kids, and a penguin colony as well.  

Desert Safari

When the glitziness and glam of urban Dubai grow annoying, people love to escape to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The UAE’s first national park located on the outer edges of the city and conquers about 87 square miles of the Arabian Desert. The reserve mostly acts as a research unit, but travelers are permitted to explore the area with one caution, visitors aren’t allowed to tour the desert by themselves.

The park offers many different types of activities that will provide travelers with erratic interests. Thrill-seekers can go for sandboarding, an experiment in archery, or go dune driving on a luxury four-wheel drives. For those who are looking for a more relaxed experience can attract the spirit of the desert on low cushions in Bedu tents for a delicious Dune Dinner, or arrange a more Private Desert Dinner for couples. There are also traditional camel journeys available, as well as horseback rides. Visitors are also allowed to camp on-site or depart to the luxurious Al Maha a Luxury Collection Desert Resort, and Spa at the end of the day. The interesting wildlife, as well as all of the fun activities, including barbecues and camel rides, made the experience unforgettable for most people.

Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden is a world of floral wonder. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden. It is located on 72,000sqm. And it has an extraordinary line-up of famous buildings and structures completely transformed into colorful flower displays. When you walk down the heart-shaped pathway, it is a popular spot for photography lovers, or wander amongst floral castles with well-lit nightscapes and full-size houses. You can submerge yourself among more than 50 million blooming flowers of different kinds throughout the different exhibits. There are plenty of fascinations to see, with a huge variety of quirky and alternative arrangements.

Kite Beach

It is a hub for watersports and good vibes, Beachgoers, kite surfers and audiences came together at the popular and well-named Kite Beach. If you’re in love with watersports and wish to test your skills on one of the best free beaches in Dubai, Kite Beach has the challenge you pursue.

It is located on steps from Jumeirah’s main street, you’ll find high-quality watersports tools available along the sand, with kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding gear. That all are ready to go.

If you’re looking for a more chilled out vibe, Kite Beach displays adrenaline as much as it does calmness and a casual beachside atmosphere. If you love to walk or jog along the coastline than you must go to Kite Beach’s 14km track which is the perfect spot for it. At the stretch of sand, you’ll have amazing views of the majestic Burj Al Arab to appreciate and adore.

 Dolphin Bay

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