Things to know about the United States air force coin


Coins are often honored to people serving a revered organization or groups like military or defense. The Air force department of the United States of America has always provided its officers and other rank holders with coins. These coins are known by the name of challenge coins. The United States air force coin is also known as the Airman’s coin and is honored to those junior officers who have just joined the United States military force.

What is the reason behind the usage of the United States air force coin?

The airman’s coin of the United States Air Force coin is an honor that is awarded to the offices at the end of some basic military training or to welcome any junior member in the group. These challenge coins range from small to medium size and come in a metallic material.

The coin mainly bears the organization’s emblem carried by the other members of the unit or the group. Previously, the challenge coins or the United States Air Force coin were awarded by the unit commanders to the officers in recognition of some special achievement or unit member.

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