Top 7 anti-aging foods that work magic

anti aging foods

Fresh Foods are much better than cosmetics to protect us from various age-related diseases. The food and certain fruits prevent the decline of cognitive abilities, check the growth of free radicals, and ensure the elasticity of the skin as we age.

 Food can keep the heart and mind young by delaying the onset of lifestyle diseases. The best thing is that all the functions that are supposed to come from anti-aging medicines are provided by foods. And, all these foods are easily available in our local markets at the best prices. The food mentioned below will ensure healthy aging which means that one will age without any chronic disease, physical disability, or premature decline in cognitive faculties.


The fruit works at so many levels that it comes naturally in the anti-aging category. It protects us from free radicals that damage cells. The fruit is in fact part of the natural remedies for males to improve vitality and virility. Avocado also enhances mental acuity which is vital as mental faculty declines with age. In addition to all these benefits, avocado protects against loss of bone density, which is a sign of aging. The mineral boron in the fruit let the body absorb calcium. The fiber in fruit eliminates waste through the natural elimination process. Thus it ensures that toxins are eliminated from the body to protect against fast aging.


Berries provide us antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. They keep blood arteries clean to ensure smooth blood flow towards the heart which ensure fresh blood circulation and nutrients from food reach every cell in the body. Berries also keep a male alive by preventing erectile dysfunction which is the first sign of aging in males. In fact, those who depend on generic Cialis 60 mg, higher dose doctors suggest for overcoming severe erection problems, reduce their dependence on medicine after increasing intake of berries as fruit or in juice form.

The anthocyanin, an antioxidant in berries, is an anti-aging agent as it fights oxidation which happens due to aging. Vitamin C checks skin health and protects the health of arteries.


Walnuts come to mind when dealing with anything which is important in promoting a healthy heart. Walnuts through their omega fatty acid protect the heart by reducing the formation of cholesterol, a wax-like substance in arteries. It also ensures hypertension is within safe limits.
The most important thing as we age is the health of our cognitive function. The combination of omega fatty acids, fibers, proteins, and some minerals play an important role in maintaining our cognitive health.


Along with beans, Legumes are the best plant-based protein food items. Plant-based protein keeps arteries free from the formation of any cholesterol deposits. With regular consumption, you keep issues of digestion, sugar, certain types of cancer, obesity at bay. Beans can be added to every cooking preparation and soups. Both fresh and frozen varieties are available.


Both fruit and juice from pomegranates keep our skin from wrinkles, the first sign of preserves collagen to keep skin supple and plump. The juice also keeps the heart young by increasing blood flow toward the heart. The nitric citrate in fruit gets converted into nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels. The extra space in blood vessels promotes greater blood flow towards the heart. The less strain on the heart in pumping also reduces the chances of erectile problems in males. Males who regularly drink pomegranate juice cut dependency on generic Viagra 200mg, which is recommended for erection problems.


Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale come in the potent antioxidant foods category. The chlorophyll in vegetables has poly nutrients. Broccoli has nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is considered an excellent anti-aging compound. Leafy vegetables check the emergence of aging skin, loss of elasticity, and control free radicals.


Omega 3 fatty acid cleans arteries to keep blood vessels free from any blockage due to deposits of fatty substances.  Fish as a source of protein keep muscles strong. The aging issues such as a weak heart and old brain, inflammation skin are kept in check with fish consumption. Fish consumers have no heart problem risks as compared to meat-eaters.


Instead of spending money on luxury items that are temporary, spend money on fresh green vegetables, and fruits to get lifelong benefits. All these food items are available easily and they do not cost much.  Go ahead and add them to the diet in various ways to get glowing skin, an agile mind, and a body full of energy.   

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