Top Instagram trends 2020

We all well aware of changing the trends and developments in the digital marketing world are growing very fast and rapidly. Social media is always changing, developing, and evolving, whether it’s social media statistics, the latest trends that are trending and memes, or new system/software updates. In order to improve the attachment and engagement of people s marketer, stay on top of these changes.

Here are some trends which are trending in 2020.

1.     IGTV takes center stage

When the first time IGTV was launched on Instagram, it wasn’t clear how it worked and what it would bring to marketers’ Instagram strategy. Still, after some changes and updates on the whole Instagram platform. IGTV is still alive and working well, and will probably continue to increase in importance throughout 2020. In the beginning, Instagram added IGTV tab to the Explore page navigation that was giving users even more opportunities to find videos and content creators they’re interested in. Instagram also added the option to include previews of IGTV videos on a user’s regular feed page, helping people to discover accounts they follow that are also creating long-form video content.

This platform has also allowed users for landscape video content, making it even easier to share already existing video content of their brand. While their preliminary project was to increase and grow the formation of vertical video, things like this need small steps. Adding the facility to upload horizontal video content gives even more content creators easier access to IGTV. Creators of content are seeing more and more views on their IGTV videos, making it a great method to test for business.

Ways to use IGTV:

  • Share currently existing video content, landscape format is also including, to reach a greater audience.
  • Create vertical video content precisely and specifically for IGTV.
  • Create an IGTV series of videos that your audience will love.
  • Share previews of your IGTV videos to your feed to reach more viewers.

2.     Instagram Stories

Since the creation of Instagram Stories has been fast-growing, reaching 500 million daily active users. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any sooner or later. In fact, the makers of Instagram are making it easier to share stories with more and more people, and also giving an option to share all of your Instagram Stories to Facebook automatically if you allow so that your friends and followers on Facebook can see them as well. This story-sharing feature also exists for both personal Instagram profiles and business Instagram profiles and is the best way to cross-promote your business and content so that it can reach a greater audience.

Instagram has so many amazing features to take advantage of within your Stories as well. Add music, make them communicate able. We can also incorporate animated stickers and more in our stories. Instagram is still growing and improving the functionality of Stories, including the adding of multi-photo Layout collages. More and more brands and online businesses are focusing on story content of their page even more than content for their feeds, and if you want to want to improve and expand your Instagram following and audience you should do the same. While feed content becomes less needed you should consider sharing content to your feed page 2–3 times each week but you should be updating your Stories on a daily bases.

Ways to use Instagram Stories:

  • Cross-promote your content to your Facebook Page at the same time on Instagram.
  • Take benefit of the tools that are available inside Storie’s portions, like fonts, coloring tools, Boomerangs, stickers, and many more.
  • Once you reach the target of 10k followers if you have any kind of business then you can start linking to your website content regularly to boost traffic on Instagram.

3.     Generate revenue through Instagram shopping

Instagram as combined enough shopping features that the platform can almost become a completely new proceeds stream for your e-commerce business. And when over 130 million users are tapping to view Instagram shopping tags on photos of products each month, this is absolutely a strategy you want to be using. If you have an online shop for your products, you can start your business by setting up your shop with Instagram.

Instagram has added a lot of features to improve and enhance shopping on their platform, like the aptitude to tag products in your posts, tagging products in your Stories, and even checking out and completing whole acquisitions on the platform. There’s even a Shopping tab on Instagram’s Explore page, making it even easier for users to find products to buy form this platform.

Ways to use Instagram shopping:

  • Tag a product anytime it’s credit in an Instagram post or Story.
  • Allow in-app checkout so your followers can easily buy from you directly through Instagram.
  • Combine the promotion of your products even further into your Instagram feed strategy.

4.     Tweets and memes are taking over Instagram

It’s always motivating to see content and ideas from social media platforms make their way onto other platforms and feeds, and this has become exceptionally and remarkably famous and popular with tweets and memes. Instagram isn’t always about having that magnificently curated feed anymore.

In fact, there are some accounts devoted specifically and precisely to memes and other brand accounts that bring them into their marketing strategy. But the thing that has taken Instagram on-trend and famous and will continue to be a trend in 2020 is sharing screenshots of tweets in your Instagram posts and Stories.

Ways to share tweets on Instagram:

  • Share opinions, views, and thoughts of experts in your industry.
  • Bring a bit of humor into your feed with a casual feel that still appeals to your brand colors and style.
  • In your Instagram feed of tweets and memes create a pattern versus the pattern of product or stock photos.

5.     Find even more content in the Explore tab

Instagram keeps making connections easier and easier for users to find new accounts to follow and connects, which is a great thing for any business. More than 200 million users visit the Explore tab each day to find new things that are going around the world, this will help your brand be seen by even more people. There are tabs for on Instagram for “IGTV” and “Shop,” but you can see other categories too, like “Nature,” “Decor,” “Travel” and more with these categories.

The content on each individual and specific user’s Explore page is catered directly to their activity on the platform, so you need to guarantee you’re marketing to your audience correctly if you hope to find a space in your target customer’s Explore area.

Ways to get on the Explore page:

  • Post your content at the right times when you think most of your audience can see your content.
  • Interact and connect with your customers significant and related to your industry.
  • Use convincing and persuasive and appropriate and suitable calls to action.

6.     Make your Instagram content interactive

Interactive and communicative content is huge and gigantic right now for brands on many channels, not only trending on Instagram, but the platform does make it incredibly and extremely easy for you to jump on the movement. Instagram Stories include a lot of features like polls, quizzes, and questions and, more to give your audience the opportunity and chance to interact or communicate directly with you and your content.

Ways to use interactivity:

  • Create a countdown until the end of a giveaway with keep engaging your audience
  • Add a poll or question sticker to get your audience’s opinions about your products and ideas
  • Test your audience’s knowledge with a quiz on how they respond
  • Allow your audience members to join a private Q&A chat to make them connected with you

7.     Authenticity in Instagram content

Instagram isn’t all about the perfect photos and manic-curated feeds anymore to a point. It’s becoming more about real-life what things are happening in real life, and what things really look similar. While many brands and influencers still guarantee and ensure they have gorgeous and consistent feeds, more and more users are posting photos of real life, like what happened on bad days, behind-the-scenes of fail experiments, untouched and unedited photos and the like. The first photo is of a professionally taken photo after editing, her followers can swipe to the right to find a behind-the-scenes and unedited version of it or video of her tripping and falling.

Ways to be authentic:

  • Use varied, untouched models in your product photography.
  • Share real, behind-the-scenes content
  • Focus more on connecting with your audience than curating a perfect Instagram feed.
  • Start including content like memes and tweets for a relatable feel.
  • Use a carousel post to keep your feed beautiful while still providing behind-the-scenes images after a user swipes so he/she can see the real struggle.

8.     Influencer marketing on Instagram

Last, but surely not least, influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. This is a tried and real strategy that works, particularly on Instagram. And though it may change and grow, it continues to be a trend year after year. What you’ll notice in this year is less feed content and a lot more Story content. As a brand, you need to know how influencers you plan to partner with post their content. Story content and feed content both come at different costs mostly because Story content disappears after 24 hours so this is important to discuss when creating a package.

There are different types of influencers like Micro-influencers who have less than 25k followers, actually lean towards to receive higher engagement rates than influencers with a larger following, so keep this in mind when investigative which influencers to work with.

Ways to incorporate influencer marketing:

  • Find influencers whose audience make a straight link with your brand’s audience
  • Reach out to them with your precise and specific campaign goals in mind and what you’re hoping to gain from this partnership
  • Work out on packages with pricing and what the influencer will do to promote business
  • Create a hashtag to make it easy to track your influencers work what they are doing to promote your product

There are always new and updated features on these platforms, so it’s important to keep up with the latest updates and trends like what Instagram trends today are. Keep these trends in mind throughout 2020 and be sure to use our tips to start combining each of them into your strategy.

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