Training at Home: The Important Thing Is to Stay Focused

Training at Home The Important Thing Is to Stay Focused

Coronavirus. Quarantine. Isolation. Home Office. Closed Gym. Train at Home. Words that are very present in the lives of Brazilians in recent weeks, right?

Those who were used to the frantic pace of work-training may not have been able to organize themselves in the face of the new routine imposed by the Covid-19 containment protocol .

Even athletes who have had their training paralysed and competitions cancelled due to the pandemic, are trying to readjust themselves so that they do not lose the work of years of preparation.

With gyms closed to avoid crowds and thus the mass dissemination of Covid-19, the most viable solution is to train at home.

In this way, many gym chains and renowned personal trainers have contributed interesting solutions so that their students and other interested parties do not lose pace during the quarantine.

To our delight, there are many possibilities for training at home!

From Yoga to functional, everyone can maintain a healthy routine – for the body and mind – until this phase of isolation is over.

Advantages of training at home:

Training at home does not depend on elaborate equipment. In this type of training, your own body weight is used as an instrument for performing the movements. In addition, the hours are completely flexible and the whole family can participate.


Anyone who has never trained and wants to take advantage of the period to start, must respect his rhythm and take it easy, after all, no one becomes an athlete overnight.

In addition, it is very important to emphasize that whoever has symptoms of the disease, should not exercise. The best thing to do in this case is to rest.

Does training at home pay off?

Home training gives great results, but there is a limit once you reach a point where overload is necessary for evolution to continue.

However, even for those who train at an advanced level, it is important to know that it is good for your health to stay active during the quarantine period.

At the moment we are going through, training at home ceases to be a question of performance or aesthetics and becomes a question of health and well-being. For better results, you can buy legit human growth hormone online from a reliable provider as well.

My gym doesn’t offer online training, what do I do?

If your academy does not offer online training, an alternative is to share the training that other academies are giving away for free on their social networks to their students and to all those who want to exercise.

Another option is to search YouTube and Instagram for the channels of personal trainers who are offering online training, such as Bruno D ‘Orleans and Ricardo Lapa.

Workout outdoors can?

If you choose to train outside the home, outdoors, some guidelines should be taken into account, such as:

  • Avoid direct contact with other people;
  • If the open place is very crowded, set up a crowd, then do not proceed with the training;
  • Running and walking outdoors can be done, as long as there is no contact and keep distance from other people;
  • Stay hydrated.

Regardless of the type of activity you practice, the important thing is to follow the WHO recommendation:

  • Keep the social distance;
  • Reinforce hygiene habits;
  • Maintain a healthy diet; and,
  • When you feel any symptoms, stop physical activities, rest and only look for health units as a last resort!/

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